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Welcome to YOURx Health.

As men, it is our responsibility to keep our bodies performing at peak levels, regardless of our current physical abilities.  It is our responsibility to be as healthy as we possibly can be for our co-workers and colleagues, families, children, friends, and especially our lovers.  Sitting back and watching the hands of time take control of who we once were is no longer noble, there are options available and times have changed.  Now is the time for us to take control because being a man is about eating healthy, exercising, and taking supplements that aide us in our daily activities. 

My name is Vincent Broussard, and I am the founder of YOURx Health.  Helping men perform at their highest level while looking and feeling their best is my passion.  This goes further than just eating right and exercising and YOURx Health is here to help.

Let Me Explain ....

What is my story?  I have AMN (Adrenomyeloneuropathy).  This genetic condition is one that will affect the membrane that covers the nerves in my brain and spinal cord.   Effectively, overtime, I will become tired, lose my balance, and even worse, I’ll lose important motor skills and functions.  Basically, very specific life body functions slowly deteriorate.  Let me tell you it F-ing blows.  Want to know the worst part? I’m not the only person in my family who suffers from this condition and thus I’ve seen what it can do to the absolute best people.

While there is no cure for AMN, I’m remaining committed to finding innovative ways to treat the symptoms of AMN, just like I’m committed to leveraging my experiences to help you. I’ve used many of the same products offered by YOURx Health to increase my daily happiness, health, energy, and libido.

This is My Promise to You

I promise that YOURx Health will find and offer innovative ways to help you increase your performance in all areas of your life.  We are in this together and I win when I see you performing at your highest levels, winning at life.

Gone are the days of you saying “I used to have so much energy” or “I used to have hair” or “I used to be in shape” or “I used to be able to really hold my own”.  You’re not alone, and YOURx Health is here to be your advocate to get you back to the person we know you are. 

I’m excited you are on this journey with me.


Vincent Broussard


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