Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss

Despite what the array of advertisers might have you believe, weight loss is hard. When you keep losing and regaining weight repeatedly, it’s time to consider breaking the cycle with medical weight loss at YOURx Health in The Woodlands, Texas. The health and wellness center takes an integrative and alternative approach to care, designing medical weight loss programs that fit your health needs and weight goals. Call the office or schedule your medical weight loss consultation online today. Telemedicine appointments are available.

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Personalized Medical Weight Loss: Transform is unlike any weight loss program on the market as it is scientifically tailored to the person undergoing treatment—maximizing efficiency and results.

Is Transform Right for Me?

Every individual is unique in how we are made, where we are from, our lifestyles, and how our bodies work. So much goes into what affects our weight including sleep patterns, stress levels, activity levels, and even our mood. That’s why we follow these steps to get the most for your transformation.
  1. Comprehensive Initial Consultation: An initial consultation with one of our healthcare providers will review your needs, weight loss goals, lifestyle, and other individual factors to begin creating a treatment specific to you as an individual. No matter how much weight you would like to lose, the strategy will be customized and unique to you.
  2. Blood Panel: Following the consultation, a laboratory will conduct a thorough review of your blood panel to identify target areas to help you achieve your weight loss goals. This will focus on micronutrient levels, hormones, and other factors based off of your consultation to further customize your weight loss treatment down to the cells and messenger molecules which will be targeted.
  3. Dosage Calculator: Our customized dosing calculator uses a 2-step process to gather patient information regarding lifestyle and behavior, sleep patterns, stress factors, and hormone influence to identify the initial criteria for the patient. We use this information with other important clinical data, medical history, current medications and more to further identify needs and areas if and where medications may be helpful. An individualized and customized dose will be recommended for each patient based on the criteria.
  4. Customized Treatment Plan: Your personal treatment plan will be made up of a variety of factors based on your results. recommendations for drugs that assist with appetite suppression, satiation, and others that may affect the behavior aspect of weight gain/maintenance. Your health care prescriber may prescribe medications that help decrease your appetite or decrease the amount of food you eat. These medications will be customized to your specific needs.
  5. Follow-Up Consultations: Throughout the course of your treatment, there will be follow-up appointments every 30 days for three months. A healthcare provider will thoroughly examine your progress and make any necessary recommendations along the way to maximize your results.

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Disclaimer: Individual results may vary depending on patient body type, the number of treatments, or the duration of treatments. For additional information on procedure effectiveness and expected results please consult a member of the Nova Vita Wellness team.

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