Meet the Provider

About Leslie Ford, FNP

Leslie Ford MSN, APRN, FNP-C is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner. Her first Bachelors of Science is from Texas A&M University. Later, she pursued her nursing career with a second Bachelor’s of Science at University of Texas Medical Branch. After 10 years of bedside nursing in adult and pediatric care for trauma and in the ER, she decided to take her education higher at University of Texas Medical Branch for her Master of Science in hopes of defining and providing individualized care. 

She has a passionate interest in individualized bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and the beneficial impact on patient’s wellbeing. In addition, Leslie has also helped many patients find amazing benefits with Ketamine therapy, especially in patients where no other treatments were offering any hope. Leslie’s goal is to provide individual, holistic care approach to all patients.

When not at work, Leslie loves spending time with her family, usually at some local sporting event. In addition, she loves to enjoy the outdoors, hunting, fishing, or just relaxing near a lake somewhere with family and friends.