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Ketamine shows to rapidly resolve abnormalities and lead to a normalization in the brain connectivity pattern. The extent of connectivity changes after ketamine also appears to be proportional to the clinical response to the treatment. Basically , ketamine-assisted psychotherapy can create a cascade of positive changes, starting with your brain's neuronal network

Chart describing the benefits of ketamine infusion therapy

Indisputable Clinical Evidence‚Äč

How Does Ketamine Work?

1. The Four Ways Ketamine Works-Simultaneously
  • Changes glutamate activity and increase BDNF (fertilizer for your brain)
  • Improve neuroplasticity while restoring synaptic strength
2. Functionally- stifling negative though patterns.
  • Default Mode Network (MN) of the brain gets suppressed, relieving that constant worry and doubt.
3. Psychollically- access to the unconscious.
  • Memories/repressed emotions/traumatic events can be explored procesedand released
4. Spiritually- offers great relief, peace, and hope.
  • Experience feeling of great connection with life around them.

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